Upcoming decision by the IOC would set Park City area on a 10-plus year trek toward opening ceremony

Jay Hamburger, Park Record, Oct. 15, 2023

The International Olympic Committee on Sunday said Salt Lake City is the only current candidate to host the Winter Olympics in 2034, greatly increasing the likelihood the event will be awarded to the capital city soon and setting the region, including Park City and surrounding Summit County, on a 10-plus year trek toward the opening ceremony in February of that year. The Lausanne, Switzerland-based organization made the announcement during the IOC Session in Mumbai, India. The formal awarding of the Games of 2034 is not expected until another set of IOC meetings that is scheduled just before the start of the Summer Olympics in Paris in July. The IOC leadership in the Mumbai meetings approved the awarding of the Winter Olympics of 2030 and 2034 at the same time, a so-called dual award, if certain conditions are met. The Future Host Commission of the IOC, critical in the selection process, is scheduled to make formal recommendations about the Games of 2030 and 2034 during meetings of the Executive Board in Paris on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. Another step in the selection process, known as the Targeted Dialogue phase, would then launch with preferred hosts. More …

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