Utah's Olympic Legacy

Utah is a model of sport sustainability with 100 percent of venues still in use 20 years after the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Community members of all ages and ability levels — from youth participating in beginner sport programs to elite athletes — utilize Utah’s world-class venues. Additionally, the three Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation facilities — Utah Olympic Park, Utah Olympic Oval, and Soldier Hollow Nordic Center — welcome over 1.4 million uses each year.

Athlete Performance Center

Utah routinely hosts athletes from over 40 countries who train or study in the state. Utah welcomed nearly 50 displaced Ukrainian athletes, coaches and family members in 2022 for an all-encompassing humanitarian and sporting initiative to provide safe haven and training opportunities amid turmoil in their home country.

Expanding Sport in our Communities

Active lifestyles are a healthful benefit to youth and adults. The Games in Utah will serve as a catalyst across Utah communities to increase access to sports and improve physical activity and health outcomes for residents.

Creating Community for Athletes Beyond the Podium

The spirit of Olympism and Paralympism in Utah extends far beyond our arenas and podiums in inspiring the state’s communities, development and character. Olympic and Paralympic ideals are woven into our approach to make Utah a place for athletes to succeed in their athletic pursuits and throughout their lives.