A future MLB stadium could be the medals plaza site. Downhill’s destination still undetermined.

Julie Jag, Salt Lake Tribune, Oct. 16, 2023

A big-air skiing ramp in Pioneer Park. A ski mountaineering course at City Creek Park. Medals ceremonies and concerts inside an MLB stadium. Some of those venues, and indeed some of those events, didn’t exist when Utah hosted the 2002 Olympics. Some of the facilities still don’t exist. Yet, as they begin shoring up contracts and revealing venues, it’s clear organizers of the movement to bring the Winter Games back to the Salt Lake area have been thinking more creatively this time around. It’s a matter of necessity as they try to squeeze in about 30 more events while sticking to their promise not to build any permanent venues. And it’s a matter complicated even further by the uncertainty of not knowing if they’ll host in 2030 or 2034 or a date farther down the road. The International Olympic Committee has yet to name a winter host beyond Italy in 2026 but it did give a strong indication this weekend that the Olympics will be returning to Utah sooner rather than later. More …

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