Patrick Burke, Inside the Games, Oct. 15, 2023

International Olympic Committee (IOC) members have approved a double award of the 2030 and 2034 Winter Olympics and Paralympics on the first day of the Session here. Granting further time for the Future Host Commission for the Olympic Winter Games to examine the future of winter sport was the justification provided for the move, and it received backing from the seven Presidents of the Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations. It had been largely a formality after receiving Executive Board backing on Friday (October 13). The Commission's chair Karl Stoss of Austria outlined the challenges posed by climate change following its study, building on details provided by IOC President Thomas Bach on Friday. This included only 10 countries being projected to be able to host the Winter Games in 2040 under the IOC's requirements for mostly existing venues and suitable temperatures. Stoss claimed further study of the issue necessitated a double award for 2030 and 2034, which Bach had last year played down for reasons of "good governance" before warming to the idea after the awarding process was delayed for 2030 due to issues with potential bids. "Whilst we look forward to celebrating 100 years of the Olympic Winter Games next February, there is no doubt that we are facing great challenges, and our goal is to ensure we can continue to hold successful Games in the future," Stoss said. "A double allocation would bring security for the Olympic movement in solid traditional winter sport and climate-reliable hosts until 2034, while allowing the IOC time to reflect on the long-term future of the Winter Games." More …

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