A bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games requires the prospective host to provide access to accommodations for the various stakeholders involved in hosting and staging the Games. Those stakeholders include the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee, the international sports federations, the National Olympic Committees and National Paralympic Committees, marketing partners, media, the host organizing committee, and others.

Providing access to accommodations for those stakeholders requires prospective hosts to secure binding agreements with accommodation facilities before the Games are awarded. Accommodation agreements address the key elements required for such a booking, including dates, room blocks, room rates, etc. Interested Parties seeking to host the Games must submit these agreements to the IOC, demonstrating that their enthusiasm for hosting the Games is supported by signed contracts with local hoteliers.  The IOC evaluates a prospective host's readiness to host the Games, including as relates to accommodation.

With the support of the destination marketing organizations in ten northern Utah counties, the Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Games has secured commitments for over 17,000 rooms from 150 hotels in support of its bid for a future Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in either 2030 or 2034. Accommodation facilities throughout northern Utah who have signed up for the Games include all kinds...economy and luxury, small and large, existing and yet-to-open,. (See list of signed properties here.)

The hotels you see in our program are leaders in the northern Utah hospitality community. Their commitments have been critical in demonstrating that their enthusiasm for hosting the Games is indeed supported by signed contracts, as required by the IOC. They are to be commended for their leadership, support and commitment. 

We want to further strengthen the accommodation leg of our bid with commitments from the properties in our community who have yet to sign up. If you own or manage a hotel in northern Utah that is not on the list below, there is still room and time to sign up via a electronic agreement. Please register your interest in getting involved here Register Now and indicate that you are hotelier, then our team can get in touch with you for next steps.